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Looking for an all-Country-Gospel show? Look no more!

           Mark Wayne has been performing 
            Country-Gospel concerts in the styles            of Randy Travis, Johnny Cash, Ricky 
           Skaggs and others, since 1991!  A 
           member of the Wisconsin Gospel 
           Music Association, Mark has 
                                         performed on WVCY
                                         Radio (Milwaukee)
                                         with Vic Eliason and 
                                         Roy Allen, and in 
                                         addition, has toured
                                         with "Harbor 
                                         Lighthouse," a group
                                         whose songs have 
                                         reached #5 on the
                                 CCMA nationwide
                                         charts.  Combining award-winning steel guitar playing, with his eclectic vocal ability, Mark concerts have ministered to many folks love their Country, Gospel style!  CAll 715-612-0648 or Email Mark today!